Struggles People Who Wear Glasses Would Understand


The journey of you and your glasses is always a story filled with some awkward moments, thankful behavior for clear vision, and uncountable struggles. But, once you get used to it, you decide to ignore the common glasses struggles because clear vision > everything.

Hence, we bring you the basic struggles we all face with our glasses, and they are definitely something we all glasses wearing nerd community can totally relate to:

You can never drink chai without the vapors fogging your glasses.


You’re forced to shower with a blurry vision because you cannot wear glasses.


The constant sweating on our face makes our glasses slip right off our nose.

Watching a 3D movie become quite a struggle since you’ve to wear your vision glasses along with the 3D ones.


People ask you to remove your glasses all the time so they can try it.


People always tell you that you look better without them.


Rainy season is definitely not for you.


People can never see your eye makeup.


You can never find your glasses without wearing them once you lose them.

Cheers if you can relate to all of these glasses struggles!

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