Few Struggles Only a Book – Lover Understands


Reading a book is an endless love affair for those who enjoy it. Booklovers usually enjoy hanging out with books more than people, yes they’re introvert kinda! Though a reader and a non-reader look alike there is a slight difference in their behaviors. For instance: normal people like to spend money on food, drinks, clothing or makeup. But a book-lover goes into a store and come out with a hand full of books only. Booklovers possess some superpowers that made them analyze things differently.

Read it, Live it!

There is a misunderstanding about book lovers do not fun or hangout well that’s completely not true. Just like a book, they are a mystery which needs to understand just by knowing them well.

Read it, Live it!

The Book Is Better Than a Movie

Never offend a booklover by saying that movie is better than a book because they know the uniqueness of reading a book.

The Book Is Better Than a Movie

Book + Coffee= Perfect Combo

In a rainy night, under a cozy blanket, there is nothing is better than a good book and a mug full of coffee. This combo provides immense pleasure to a book lover!

Book + Coffee= Perfect Combo

Interruption Make Them Angry

Lifesaving tip. Do not disturb a reader, Never! Ever! Book-lovers hate interruption while they are reading all they want is to Read Read and Read for all day long.

Interruption Make Them Really Angry

Night Owls!

Booklovers hate putting the book down unless they fell asleep so, they become addicted of what they are reading. Book lovers don’t see day or night all they know is reading anywhere anytime.

Night Owls!

Fell in Love With The Fictional Character!

Booklovers start daydreaming about their favorite fictional characters all the time. Sometimes they started to much worrying about the life of the book’s character.

Fell in Love with the fictional character!

Endings Always Make Them Sad

Sometimes they just don’t want to end the book. Because no matter what the ending of their favorite book always left booklovers sobbing.

Endings always make them sad

Bookmarks Game Strong!

Book lovers often become creative when it comes to the bookmark. Have a look!


Bookmarks game strong!

Oh yes! Monsters do exist too.

So, if you are a book lover, let us know about how from many of these you can actually relate and what other struggles do you face like a book lover.

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