12 Things You should Know if You’re a Person who Loves Food


When it comes to foodies, they aren’t very hard to find. You do not need to look around and ask people whether they’re foodies or not. All you need to do is start a conversation about food, and voila, you’ll find all the foodies in your social circle because not only would they talk about food, they’d probably have a foodgasm then and there.

So, if you’re a person who is guilty of being a legit foodie, then following are some moments that you’d totally relate to:

1. You cannot help but get into a conversation related to food, and often, you’re the only one who’s left speaking.



2. Nobody can beat your knowledge about food.



3. Your mind practically starts picturing the food that you’re talking about while you’re having a conversation about it.



4. Food is the ultimate key to your heart.



5. You follow every restaurant and food related group from your social media accounts.



6. A bad dish may ruin your entire day.



7. You cannot help but daydream about food whenever you’re fasting.



8. You spend money on food without any guilt.



9. Every drawer of yours contains a food item.



10. You eat when you’re bored, and you eat when you aren’t.



11. Food delivery apps rule over the storage of your phone.



12. You put your heart and soul while taking a picture of your dish, just like you put them while you eat it.


If you cannot help but feel guilty about relating to all the following moments above, then you need to know that you are a legit food lover!

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