Bhit Khori Beach – Pakistan’s own Bioluminescent Beach near Mubarak Village

Bhit Khori Beach
Photo Credit: Wajih Ahmed

Picturing a country like Pakistan, we always visualize a ship attacked by horrors of terrorism and war. You won’t spare a moment to think that maybe its picture is wrongly limned by international media. You won’t skip a moment to ever second guess these rumors and think of other side of the picture.

Surely, it’s not all false and yes there are some wrongs in our land as well. But, we should not neglect the fact that every big cause comes with a consequence and our land is just an example of it.  While acknowledging that bad side is not something we can ignore, we should also accept its positive side.

What I am referring to here is Pakistan’s beauty enriched lands, lakes and beaches. While majority of us do not know much about these wonders of nature, a few people are still interested in discovering this land and sometimes explore Pakistan. Their main interest lies in discovering mountains and beaches.

One such blogger is Anam, owner of blog girl with green passport, who recently discovered a beach called Bhit Khori. It is situated with some distance to Mubarak Village and has been trending on social mediums such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for quiet a long time.

Anam writes in her blog about Bhit Khori beach and describes each and every moment she spent with her friends at the beach that we just cannot resist ourselves to pack our bags and visit this beach right away.

When you look at the pictures these guys clicked with their cameras at the beach, you won’t be able to do anything but let these snaps leave you awestruck. Believe me when I say this, I didn’t think of this to be true when I first looked at these images shared by Anam in a blog she posted on her website.

Here’s the first one:

Bhit Khori Beach
Photo Credit: Wajih Ahmed

And, here is the second click. Woohoo!

Bioluminescent Beach near Mubarak Village
Photo Credits: Wajih Ahmed

And, this is how Bhit Khori beach looks like during daytime. Have a look!

This blue and clear water is not Thailand….this is Bhit Kohri, Sindh 😱❤

Bhit Kohri situated at a short distance from Karachi 60 KM, Bhit Khori is a scenic destination worthy of being explored.

Posted by Karachi Alerts on Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Plan your next beach trip to Bhit Khori

Hey hey, are you already packing your bags to witness these wonderful scenes? Well, here is what you need to take care of if you are planning a trip to this beautiful beach in Karachi with your friends.

Beware of the distance

Bhit Khori beach is located near Mubarak village which is really far from Karachi. It takes at least one hour from Hawksbay beach to reach at Bhit Khori beach. You can choose to travel by your own cars but renting a bus or van depending on the number of people on this trip can be a better choice since the roads are not in a good condition ahead of Hawksbay beach.

  1. Make sure to keep camping essentials

 If you want to spend the whole night at this beach, then this is one of the best picnic points in Karachi. But, you must have camping essentials such as the tent, woods for bonfire, sleeping bags and material, etc.

A trip to such beautiful beach can turn out to be boring if you guys are not well equipped to enjoy the scenery while warming yourselves with heat and singing iconic songs from 90’s.

  1. Take good cameras with you

 What good is this trip if you do not snap a few amazing clicks that you can upload on your social media accounts to get some likes? You can also flaunt about making this trip and being among very few individuals who have been to Bhit Khori beach.

When you make a visit to Bhit Khori, do share your pictures with us and we will feature them on our Facebook page.

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