The Realm beyond dreams: Beautiful quotes from Kartography, a book dedicated to Karachi city


Kartography has to be one of those books which lets your mind and imagination wander to an unknown soothing space from where you do not want to transcend back to your reality. It is one of those book in which every action done and every word spoken by the characters strike a relatable chord in the strings of your brain and you feel hung in the there taking the realism from every page of the book that enable you to join the puzzle bits of life.

Being an avid reader myself, I couldn’t afford to not have this book in my little library because it is so well written in an eloquent yet simple style that has all the capacity to make any reader instantly relate to it.

Here is a list of quotes from this masterpiece that still have their effects over my mind given I read the book several years ago.

You are cause I am

The ghost of dream.

Karachi believes in continuing the show

Clouds over me?

The quiz of love

Are angels envious of us?

Has your favorite quote from this book made it to our list? Share with us and let us know what inspired you in this brilliantly written masterpiece.


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