7 Types Of Rozedaar You Will Come across This Ramadan


Ramzan is finally here with all its glories and blessings. Along with the spiritual realm, we are looking forward to midnight cricket, pakora obsession, iftaar recipes and some other interesting traditions which will once again be on the peak. But what we are not looking forward to are the weird behavioral patterns of some people while they fast. So beware! Here are the 7 types of rozedaar you are going to bear in Ramadan 2018.

  1. The Sleeping Beauty

There will be one person in your family for sure who literally sleeps the roza away. They are the people who stay awake all night only to sleep the whole day and wake up when its time for iftaar. Well, their logic is crazy but simple. ‘You can’t be hungry when you are sleeping’






2. The Occasional Smoker Rozedaar

We all are tested in Ramadan to not follow our nafs but the smokers only crave the puffs. They fast only once or twice the whole month but when they do, its a news. Because their cry for nicotine is louder than the Taraweeh’s call. They are the only rozedaar who look forward cigarette instead of pakorey in iftaar.




3. The Exhausted Kids

There are some rozedaar who don’t even move a finger but they act as if they have climbed the Mount Everest right after sehri. You may have to keep an ambulance ready, just in case they need one.






4. The Taraweeh Skipper

They may fast all Ramadan but it would take them more than one life to go for the Taraweeh.


5. The Fatwaa Pro Judgemental Package

We all dread that one person who judge our roza more than the farishtey on our shoulders. For them, even ‘breathing’ can break your fast. They can literally make you believe that you are too sinful to even continue your fast.

6. The Hunger Games Visionary

You will see them eating till the last minute of sehri and will be waiting for iftaar an hour before.

7. The Ideal but Temporary Musalmaan

We all have one person in our circle, who prays and worships in Ramzan like no other. However, they are also the one who even forget to pray in normal days.








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