10 International Food Chains that Pakistanis Desperately want in the Country!


The love for food is in every Pakistani’s blood. We are indeed a food-loving nation which always thrives to try out new cuisines and dine out places. From fast food to specific continental cuisines we remain open for everything which has flavor! Although many top brands of restaurants have opened their outlets in Pakistan such as McDonald’s, Subway, Burger King, Hardees, Dunkin Donuts and many more. But we are still waiting for some other famous international food chains that will certainly do great in Pakistan!


Starbucks is a life-long wish of every Pakistani who is keen to try out hot beverages. The king of coffee delights, unfortunately, has no presence in Pakistan. After all, who doesn’t know that their coffees and tea are to die for?  So, dear Starbuck, come soon to Pakistan.

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen

The world famous Popeyes is the ultimate fantasy of all the fried chicken lovers. Their quality fast food and incredibly flavored sauces are something Pakistanis would love to taste.

Taco Bell

We have enough burger and pizza’s specialist food outlets but tacos are something which we still don’t have. Of course, we have some failed attempts at duplicating the real tacos but none of them offers the original taste. So let’s pray that Taco Bell comes soon to Pakistan!

Shack Shack

Burger oriented food outlets are never going to be enough. We have so many international food chains like MacDonald’s, KFC, Burger King, Hardees and many more. Some of the local brands like Burger Lab and Burger Shack are also doing well but a new entry is always welcomed. In this situation, Shack and Shack will be the perfect burger café to be launched in Pakistan.



Chick-fil-A is an international fast food chain but it is famous for their breakfast menu. And we all know how few options we have in Pakistan for a breakfast hangout (except for halva puri and other desi meals). So people here in Pakistan desperately need such an outlet.

Pio Pio

There are still only a few outlets like Nandos which serve great chicken meals. Pio Pio will be the perfect fresh start to reinvent the hunger for various spicy Peruvian dishes.


Chipotle is the best food chain that can be launched in Pakistan. As now Pakistani people crave food quality even more than taste (which sadly lacks in most of the restaurants here, Chipotle will be the perfect option. It is a famous food chain which is known for the fresh ingredients they use in their meals.

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts

Except for Dunkin Donuts, there is no other option in Pakistan for the donut lovers. It’s high time we have a bit variety. Krispy Kreme Doughnuts is the best option to have it (Maybe better than Dunkin Donut). Their original glazed doughnuts are world famous!

Red Lobsters

Seafood craving is the deadliest, yet Pakistan still has space to upgrade their seafood offerings. Red Lobster in this situation will be the safe haven for seafood lovers.

Can you think of any other International food chain which you want to be launched in Pakistan?



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